Buford-raised Christian rapper, JGrizz, was born on the outskirts of Augusta, Georgia, and has built a passion for music. If it’s not apparent already, hip-hop has been a bigger influence in his life. “I usually like to keep rap a bigger part of my music, but I also love my metal bands.” Which he proves, with the repetive, but heavy song, “Blood Dyed Red”. “I don’t hate any genre. There are some artists I don’t listen to, but I can’t hate any type of music. God has given us music for us to praise Him, and to also, express our feelings. That is explained through the book of Psalms.” His stance on the Bible is very rock-solid, and he will defend it on and off stage. “God is our Father, so I treat Him as such, but He is also our Creator, so there’s a higher level of respect that I put into even the thought of Him.” He hopes his gift from Jesus will somehow impact those who listen to his music, and possibly the way people write music. He expresses these thoughts through the song, “D3ad IIc3.” The song is an almost-parody to just about every song you may hear on the radio. “Rap is only about sex, drugs, and money now. There’s not much creativity, anymore. I want to change that.”

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